Santa Cruz

This weekend, specifically Monday and Tuesday, my biology class and myself drove down to Ventura Harbor where we then proceeded to load two days worth of gear onto a 50 foot catamaran. It was eight thirty in the morning, and the boat would leave the dock at nine. One might wonder why we were loading the gear onto the boat to go somewhere when taking a car seems more reasonable, but our destination as it turns out is inaccessible by car. We were about the make the twenty mile journey across the Santa Barbara Chanel to the island of Santa Cruz. We presented our tickets, and boarded the boat. We cast off promptly at nine, the bow and stern thrusters engaged to push us off the dock, and we slowly backed out of our slip. The boat spun 180 degrees, and proceeded to exit the mouth of the harbor. Once we where out of the harbor, the captain opened up the throttles, and the boat quickly accelerated to a brisk pace of seventeen knots. At that speed, we would reach the island in just over an hour.

We arrived at Santa Cruz at approximately ten fifteen. and we were greeted with massive cliffs and fog. It was by no means a warm welcome, but it was nonetheless beautiful.

After disembarking form the boat and getting all our belongings aboard, we made the mile long hike to our campground. Once we got there, we were instructed to erect our tents, and prepare to go for a hike. So, we did just that, and proceeded to go on our hike. It took us up about three hundred feet on the interior of the island. We then made our way towards the coastline where we were walked only feet from a three hundred foot drop that, even if you landed in the water, would still kill you instantly.

Have you ever been really high up and suddenly had the urge to jump? Me neither, and this was no exception. Walking so close to the cliff over such treacherous ground was truly one of the most terrifying things ever.

All in all, the trip to the islands was a great experience, but I still believe nothing compares to sleeping in my own comfortable bed.


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