This week, I was feeling somewhat better than last week. My sickness had subsided substantially, however I was still not feeling up to sailing or doing any other physical activities. Because of this, I was growing extremely bored and rather irritable. I decided I needed a distraction, so upon getting home from school on Tuesday, I decided to play a game. Not a video or a computer game, but a real tactile board game. So I walked across my living room and opened an old cabinet where we store games. In the cabinet, I found no more than twenty games. This puzzled me, for I knew that in the past we had many more games than there was in this measly collection.

I scratched my head for a few minutes wondering where all of our games had gone. I suddenly remembered the games were in a closet upstairs, so I went to investigate. When I got to the closet, I found that it was empty. “Empty?” I thought, “how could this be.”

Upon acquiring this information, I recalled that this was the room my cousin had been living in during the time he attended SBCC. When he had moved in, we had to clear out the room to accommodate all his belongings. This included my mothers abundance of knitting yarn, two boxes of my childhood toys(mostly legos), and the board games. I recalled that we had moved them into the storage space under the seating platform in our attic. I made my way up the ladder to the attic and over to the bench. I opened it up and much to my relief, I found all the games that I presumed were missing.

Of the games in there, I selected a few that were personal favorites. I pulled out Monopoly, and Carcassonne. It was not until then that I noticed I was the only one home, so I could not play either of these games as they required more than one player. I pulled out a set of jacks and found a bouncy ball. I walked back downstairs and tossed them on the floor. I sat there for at least an hour and a half playing jacks. I am by no means good at jacks, but I found it a perfect way to pass the time. hopefully next week I will be back to my usual self, and I will start sailing again.


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