Last weekend was the PCC’s(Pacific Coast Championships) for High school sailing. The event was held by Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club in L.A. The event is organized by PCISA and is the overall championships for all the west coast high school teams sailing CFJ’s. We got to the Yacht Club at nine in the morning to get everything done before the first start at eleven. This involved taking our boats off the trailer, stepping the masts, getting registered, and getting our sails from the race officials. Only after all this could we roll our bout down the launch ramp and dip it in the water. I was sailing in Gold fleet B division, so initially we would not be on the water. First our A team would compete in two races, then we would rotate so we could sail and they could have time to rest. During A division’s race, we were encourager to watch by our coach. The more we can learn before hand, the better prepared we would be for the conditions on the course when we got out there.

A CFJ is a two person boat, so each team has four people, two for A division and two for B division. My partner for B division was Paul Harteck.

Paul is an experienced sailer, but specializes in larger boats rather than the CFJ. Nonetheless, we still got out there and proceeded to win our first race. At the start, we came in late at the boat end and tacked off the line. We sent it out to the right side of the course until we got headed. Then we tacked and on our way up to the mark we got consistently lifted until eventually we were laying the mark. The rest of the fleet was forced to sail into the mark on a header, so by the time we got there, we were already in first. We maintained this lead for the next three legs of the race consisting of an upwind and two downwinds before we crossed the finish line fifty yards in front of the second place boat.

We finished our second race and came in to the beach to switch out. All in all, it was a great weekend of sailing with strong breeze and many races. By the time it was over, we were all exhausted. We finished in an overall eighth place out of approximately seventy teams. Not a bad spot to be in at the end of it all.


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