The night before

Tomorrow, I will be going on a trip to LA for a sailing event at Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club. The event, known as CFJ PCC’s(Pacific Coast Championships), is the last high school regatta of the year for PCISA(Pacific Coast Interscholastic Sailing Association). The top four teams by the end of this weekend will be representing the Pacific Coast at CFJ nationals.

Today however, I need to get prepared for my trip. I would need to pack normal clothes as well as my sailing gear, so I walked out to my car and brought my sailing gear inside to the washer. Then, I walked up too my room and grabbed my hamper full of clothes, brought it to the laundry room, and started the cleaning cycle.

While my clothes were spinning helplessly in a torrent of soapy water, I proceeded to enter my parents closet where the entrance to the basement was. We keep all our travel bags down there along with several other things such as skiing gear, paper bags, and Christmas wrapping paper. It seems like the perfect place for a rat to take up residence. I tried not to think about this however, for I was opening the basement door and about to start my decent down the treacherously steep stairs. The stairs had eight and a half inch treads paired with eight and a half inch risers making for a forty five degree slope. I knew there was a light switch somewhere near the top of the stairs, but I could not find it in the darkness.

I grabbed my duffle bag and carried it back up the stairs, through the closet, up some more stairs, into my room, and finally set it down in my closet. I immediately opened it up and started tossing clothes into it as if I was shoveling dirt into a wheel barrel.

I looked at my packing list and went over what I put in my bag in my head. I decided that I probably overlooked a few things, but it doesn’t matter, so I picked it up and hobbled it out to my car along with the rest of my stuff that I had packed from the other day. I was ready to get some rest, wake up early, and have a successful regatta down in LA.


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