What to do with an hour to kill

Yesterday I got off school at twelve forty five. My last class was pre calc, which seemed to go on for days. When school got out, I jumped in my car and drove off towards the harbor. I plugged my phone into my stereo and put my Tom Petty play list on shuffle. By the time I got to the harbor, it was nearly one and sailing practice didn’t start until two thirty. So I got out of my car, opened the trunk, grabbed my sailing gear and skateboard, and went out to lunch.

I ate at a place called On The Alley, though we just call it OTA. It is a small restaurant on an alley at the harbor that has great food and not enough space to accommodate all the people that love it. The food is a little on the pricy side, but that doesn’t stop lines from going out the door. I decided to get the same thing I always get; The Fish and Chips. After getting my food, I rolled over to the SBYC boat yard where I knew there was a new large table with seats and an umbrella where I could eat. In the boat yard, I saw my sailing coach who was loading his laser onto a trailer. He explained that he would be bringing it down to the CISA clinic for chartering. I talked with him for a few more minutes while I ate by the beach.

There was still forty minuets before practice, and the wind had unfortunately shifted from the common westerly to a much more worrying southerly. I headed down to the dock and two other team members were already there. We casually talked as more people showed up. By the time it was two, there were about eight people at the dock. We were talking about sailing and making jokes about our friend who always sails headers. However, we quickly became bored, so we conspired to adjust the shrouds of one of the boats so that when someone took it out, their mast would be leaning a solid five degrees to port.

After this, the wind did not pick up, but nonetheless we went sailing. It was a light and cold day, but the mood was lightened a top 2007 songs playlist that my friend played on his speaker. All in all, it was not a good day for sailing, but I can’t say I didn’t have a little fun.


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