Rainy day


This week while it was raining, I struggled to find anything to do without getting wet. After several morning hours of shear boredom, I realized there was no way I was going to fight the the weather. So, in realizing this, I decided if I wanted to have fun, I must embrace the rain and the cold. If you spend your day worrying about getting your shoes wet in a puddle, or slipping in mud, you will not have fun because you’re always in a defensive state of mind. The best way to get rid of this state of mind is to get your shoes wet and go for a hike in the mud.

I left my house and drove off to find a place to hike. On my way, I encountered a few obstacles that slowed my progress towards the starting point.


It took me several minutes to find a way around obstacles such as this, but eventually I made it to the trail head. The trail was hard to follow as it was covered with vegetation due to the recent rainfall. However, I had hiked this trail previously and I knew that if I kept going in a north west direction for about half a mile that I would reach a beautiful stream with the water flowing over a sloped sandstone slab with divits that the water would fall into to create a pool of water. The water would then spill over the opposite flange of the pool and continue down the stream towards another pool.






I spent about thirty minutes splashing around in the water and climbing on rocks trying to see what was around the next bend in the creek. Although it was raining on Andy off, I was glad that I didn’t stay at home sulking around and wasting a potentially epic day.

I eventually felt as though my day was complete and proceeded to find the trail to take me back to the road. I had a bit of difficulty locating the trail, but eventually I did find it. I had a wonderful experience and I learned that any day can be incredible. If you’re ever bored, just stop and ask yourself what would give this day meaning. Instead of thinking about what you could do, ask yourself what you should do, then get out there and do it.


One comment

  1. tobiascole · March 6, 2017

    Amazing! Sounds like a great time. Keep up the good work!


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